Systematic sale increase of equipped oil tanks [dodano 2009-01-15]

In the year 2008 we have recorded greatest increase of sale in the field of hydraulic oil tanks in the period of last 5-years. Among with the sold tanks number their equipment sale volume is also rising - in particular:
- level gauges according to HM/54-03,
- level gauges with min. level sensing according to HM/54-03.01
New product: level gauge with 2 levels of sensing.
- breathing-inlet filters according to HM/54-05
- damping rods according to HM/54/06
- return filters according to HM/54-07
- aluminium manhole covers (inspection covers) according to HM/54-04
In the 2nd quarter of the year 2009 dumping rings (suitable for electric motors in IM V1 mounting arrangement) will be put into series production, in order to meet the demand.

Oil tank with Hydromega logo at the manhole covers and without logo.

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