Company Board
President:Ph.D. Eng. Zbigniew Zienowicz
Vice President:Eng. Piotr Kubicki
General Accountant / Trustee:Bogusława Zawadzka

Secretariat Gdynia:Izabela Strzedzińska
Secretariat Miszewo:Anna Milecka
Secretariat Kuraszków:Agnieszka Stępień

Technical Department
Managing Director:M.Sc. Eng. Piotr Myśliwy
BoM Representative for Production:M.Sc. Eng. Przemysław Zieliński
Production Chief:M.Sc. Eng. Sławomir Dajnowski
Steel Constructions Department Chief:Eng. Marek Malinowski
Technical Advisor:Ph.D. Eng. Eugeniusz Głuchowski
Leading Constructor:Eng. Marek Szwarc
Leading Constructor:M.Sc. Eng. Marcin Mańkowski
Leading Constructor:M.Sc. Eng. Michał Ryżejno
Leading Constructor:M.Sc. Eng. Jan Jabłonowski
Leading Constructor:M.Sc. Eng. Marek Szepietowski
Leading Constructor:M.Sc. Eng. Dominik Kogus
Leading Constructor:M.Sc. Eng. Łukasz Jurczyński
Research and development Specialist:M.Sc. Grzegorz Cucjew
Research and development Specialist:Anna Wojciechowicz

Service Department
Service Chief:M.Sc. Eng. Piotr Cucjew
Service Chief Assistant:Anna Kropińska

Sales Department
Sales Department Chief:M.Sc. Eng. Jan Paweł Szefler
Sales Specialist:M.Sc. Agnieszka Orłowska
Sales Specialist:Alicja Ressel

Supply Department
Supply Specialist:M.Sc. Aleksandra Sędzicka
Supply Specialist:M.Sc. Jolanta Dałek
Supply Specialist:Beata Myśliwy
Logistics Chief:M.Sc. Anna Bartoś
Logistics Specialist:M.Sc. Eng. Ewa Jaroszkiewicz

Regional Department
Technical and Sales Specialist:M.Sc Eng. Zenon Jędrasik

Accounts Department
General Accountant:Bogusława Zawadzka
Accountant:Katarzyna Knoll

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