Company Board
President:Ph.D. Eng. Zbigniew Zienowicz
Managing Director of Technical Department-
Member of the Company Board: M.Sc. Eng. Piotr Myśliwy

Gdynia Main Office
Secretariat:Izabela Strzedzińska

Office and administration employee:Anna Michna
Regional Branch (woj. łódzkie, świętokrzyskie)
Office Manager:M.Sc. Monika Defratyka
Secretariat:M.Sc. Klaudia Jończyk

Technical Department
Managing Director:M.Sc. Eng. Piotr Myśliwy
Technical Advisor:Ph.D. Eng. Eugeniusz Głuchowski
Board Management Representative for Production:M.Sc. Eng. Przemysław Zieliński
Production Manager:Eng. Marek Malinowski
Head of Steel Construction Department:M.Sc. Eng. Martyna Krause
Leading Constructor:M.Sc. Eng. Maria Nejczewa
          -   Construction Office
      Head Office Manager:M.Sc. Eng. Dominik Kogus
          -   Marine and Off-Shore Department
      Project Manager:M.Sc. Eng. Sławomir Dajnowski
      Design Engineer:M.Sc. Eng. Michał Sićko
      Design Engineer: Marek Szwarc
          -   Industrial Department
      Design Engineer:M.Sc. Eng. Iwona Sarnacka
      Design Engineer:M.Sc. Eng. Marcin Mankiewicz
      Design Engineer:Eng. Agata Jankowska
          -   Hydraulic and Mobile Department
      Board Management Representative-
      for Production:M.Sc. Eng. Maria Nejczewa
          -   Electrical Power Engineering Department
     Head of Power Engineering Department:M.Sc. Eng. Wojciech Szeremeta
          -   R&D Department
      RD Specialist:M.Sc. Grzegorz Śmietana
          -   IT Department
      IT Specialist:M.Sc. Janusz Słowik

Service Department
Head of Service Department:Eng. Jarosław Richert
Technical Supervision:Andrzej Krzywosiński
Technical Supervision:M.Sc. Eng Krzysztof Wójcik
Technical Supervision:Eng. Tomasz Firlej
Technical Supervision:Eng. Michał Jach

Sales Department
Head of Sales Department:M.Sc. Grzegorz Śmietana
Sales Specialist:Anna Kropińska
Sales Specialist:Natalia Świgoń
Sales Specialist:Anna Wojciechowicz

Promotion and Communication Department,
Board Management Representative-
for Development:M.Sc. Maria Brzeska-Deli

Supply and Logistics Department
Head of Supply and Logistics Department:M.Sc. Anna Bartoś
Supply and Logistics Specialist :M.Sc. Katarzyna Mastalerz
Supply and Logistics Specialist :M.Sc. Jolanta Dałek
Supply and Logistics Specialist :Beata Myśliwy
Supply and Logistics Specialist :M.Sc. Agnieszka Orłowska
Supply and Logistics Specialist :Sylwia Wysocka
Stock Supervisor:Zbigniew Kruk

Accounting Department
General Accountant:M.Sc. Marlena Jankowska
Accountant/Personnel and Salaries Specialist:Katarzyna Knoll
Accountant:Joanna Berk
Accountant:M.Sc. Anna Kowalska

Board Management Representative for Quality
Izabela Strzedzińska
M.Sc. Eng. Martyna Krause

Board Management Representative for
Strategic Movement of Goods and AQAP
M.Sc. Eng. Martyna Krause

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