Hydromega was established in 1988. From the outset the company has been engaged in design and production of hydraulic systems and industrial automatics. Parallel with the production of hydraulic power units and machines with hydraulic drive we conduct research and development projects, including their implementation. We provide efficient service to our clients through well-organised work systems, according to ISO 9001 requirements in our company's four principle departments:
  • design department,
  • production department,
  • sales department,
  • service.
On-going cooperation with industrial plants and solving often difficult technical problems has given our company the practical knowledge, which we implement in our projects. Our company owns 17 patterns and patents and over 5,000 hydraulic power solutions implemented since 1988.
The company's biggest achievements include:
  • preparation of documentation and production of hydraulic power units from 0.5 kW up to 1000 kW, used in various industry sectors,
  • production of port devices, including LINKSPAN ramps to service car ferries and ships RO-RO,
  • preparation of documentation and production of special vehicles with hydrostatic drive to service technological processes, e.g. in mills,
  • conducting research and documentary evidence of effects causing deposition of pollution in hydraulic pipelines, developing a constant capacity - pulsation method of hydraulic pipeline flushing. Production of HM/MR-500 flushing devices,,
  • design and setting up production of special vehicles for army and Lewiatan civil rescue service,
  • setting up large scale production of devices for environment protection with hydraulic drive, including HMR 37, HMR 55 shredders for waste materials, such as tires, filters, paper, various materials, wood, etc.,
  • production of winches with hydraulic drive,
  • setting up large scale equipment production for HPU, e.g. oil-level indicators, inspection covers, oil inlets with breathing filters, damping rods type wibro and return filters.
Awards received in the Polish Product of the Future competition, winning the prestige "Economic Griffin" award and the Pomerania Province Quality Award, PNEUMETICON 2009 Fair medal and a gold medal at the EUREKA 2009 Trade Fair in Brussels, have brought HYDROMEGA significant contracts in the machine industry.
Our company sees its future in working with local and foreign companies.
HYDROMEGA is a company that through its vast experience professionally fulfills contracts and orders for the production of hydraulic devices.

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